Humanoid Project - Bipedal Robot

During my undergrad studies at UW, I started to work on the electromechanical design and dynamic modelling of a lower body humanoid (biped) robot. The biped has 14 degrees-of-freedom (DOF) and will ultimately be used to verify the efficiency and efficacy of the proposed walking control strategy being explored in my research. The project was funded under the NSERC Engage Grant with industry collaboration partner Quanser.

Implementation Details

The mechanical structure of the robot was designed using the CAD package SolidWorks. The final design was machined on campus by the Engineering Machine Shop.

Controller design was completed in the Simulink environment with the help of Quanser’s QUARC toolbox. Multibody dynamic simulations during the design phase were carried out in SimMechanics with full 3D visualizations provided by QUARC.

All 14 DOF of the biped are actuated by Faulhauber’s Coreless DC motors and high precision gearheads. Drivetrain components (gears, bushings, etc) were sourced from Misumi USA. Electronics and other control hardware (power amplifiers, data acquisition boards, etc) were provided by Quanser.

Pictures and Videos

All development pictures can be found on this Flickr Photo Set.
All development videos can be found on this YouTube Playlist.