Recently graduated with a BASc in Electrical Engineering with Mechatronics option at the University of Waterloo (UW). For my fourth year design project, I worked on building a functional prototype of a thought-controlled wheelchair with limited resources, knowledge and funding. My team ultimately came in first place at the 2011 ECE Design Project symposium and won the annual Infusion Design Cup Challenge. I was subsequently invited as a speaker at the first TEDxUW conference to give a talk about the wheelchair project.

After graduation, I started my MASc in Electrical Engineering (Systems and Controls) under the supervision of Professor Dana Kulić. Currently working on the electromechanical design and dynamic modelling of a humanoid robot platform for the Adaptive Systems Laboratory. MASc research focus is on the control aspect of humanoid robots, specifically in the area of biped locomotion. This is particularly challenging research problem due to the complexity involved with maintaining balance of a naturally unstable and non-linear dynamic system. To validate my research goals, I've designed and built a 14 degree of freedom (DOF) lower body humanoid robot.